Benedetta's words are kept in the numerous letters she wrote to her friends and in the thoughts she gathered in her journals of 1961 and 1962.
To give you an idea of the riches of her spirituality grown in suffering,soon we will publish some of her letters under the following titles. 


I am suffering a lot. The Lord is holding me with His Mercy. (to Maria Grazia, 29th September 1962)

I still have a few crumbs to offer to the Lord. (to Maria Grazia, 18th May 1963)

The darkness is terrible, and yet I know that I am not alone. (to Maria Grazia, 1st June 1963)

I wish so much to be of any help to you. (to Maria Grazia, 16th October 1963)

Do not be troubled: pray. (to Maria Grazia, 25th October 1963)

God, Who loves me, is sending me many messages of comfort and love. (to Maria Grazia, 17th December 1963)

Without the shedding of blood there is no remission. (to Maria Grazia, 3rd January 1964)

Accept myself as I am. (to Nicoletta, 9th October 1960)

God wants me to hope in Him always, even against all odds. (to Nicoletta, 18th May 1962)

I have no peace. Love conquers everything. (to Nicoletta, 2nd August 1962)

And to God I am offering all the flowers in the world. (to Nicoletta, 15th May 1963)

This letter of mine may reach you, and bring you some of the serenity that God has been giving me. (to Nicoletta, 28th August 1963)

I am certain that He, Who is all powerful, has done great things in me. (to Nicoletta, 11th October 1963)

I have been trying with all my will to keep serene so that my suffering may bloom. (to Franci, 22nd April 1963)

Stay with me, stay with me, Lord, because it is almost evening. (to Franci, Summer 1963)

And yet God will be my help, because He knows that I exist. (to Franci, 10th June 1963)

Journing toward a haven where peace is certain and everlasting. (to Franci, 1963)

May He, Who is born in me, guide and lead me to the end. (to Franci, 14th August 1963)

And all the times I have called for help, He always came to rescue me. (to Franci, 9th January 1964)

The Lord loves me. (to Paola, 23rd July 1963)

I was feeling you all around my nest and joined to me in prayer.(...) I am abandoned in the Lord in all serenity. (to Paola, 28th August 1963)

I am praying a lot for all those who are weak. (to Paola, 17th November 1963)

My prayers are for all of you too. (to Paola, 2nd December 1963)

Even in the midst of my sufferings, I seem to be filled with a joy that is not earthly. (to Paola, 19th December 1963)

I desire so much to climb, but the mountain towards the summit is very tiring. (to Roberto, 13th May 1963)

Lord, You hold me. (to Roberto, 17th May 1963)

Sometimes, there come for me difficult hours, but I sing, Roberto, and the Lord stays with me. (to Roberto, 17th January 1964)

I have chosen the way of apostolate. (to Father Gabriele, July 1963)

I am feeling so tired, but spiritually I am still standing. (to Father Gabriele, 14 July (or August) 1963)

Everything is like the Spring blooming after the cold Winter. (to Father Gabriele, November 1963)

He is coming to help me everytime I am calling for Him. (to Father Gabriele, 7th January 1964)

He has been caressing me in the moments of my deepest pain and anguish. (to Umberto, 24th July 1963)

My darkness is a heavy burden, but I prefer it, if this is what I need to walk with a brigher light in my heart. (to Lucio, 7th June 1963)

Everything is grace, even pain. (to the Billis, December 1963)

Waiting for Him, Whom I love in the air, in the sun that I can't see anymore. (to one of her former teachers, 1963)

I can rest, abandoned on Christ's shoulders. (to Mother Domenica, Easter Vigil 1963)

In my terrible darkness, in my fearful silence, I am waiting for His light. (to Mother Domenica, 1st October 1963)

I, too, am afraid to die. (to Leonida, 8th October 1960)

I know that above all I need to die to myself to help others to live. (to Sofia, 19th September 1963)

Your baby will smile. (to Mrs. Grecchi, 7th January 1964)

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