These "thoughts" are from the last two years of her life, and they were written under obedience. They are short meditations, written by a very tired hand, even if, especially in the last pages, the reader can have the feeling of standing before a waterfall of thoughts and of spiritual light. In the original journals (written in a common diary) all her writings bear the exact date and the Saint of the day or the Feast day.  


God is everywhere and sees everything.

You have come before me, Lord, and I have to love You a lot. You know what and how I fail, o divine Light, forgive. I am a sinner: have mercy.

Thank you, Lord, for children: how beautiful it is to look at innocence. I open the Weekday Missal and I read: "we can only glory in the Cross of our Lord". And it means only in sorrow, because "this is ours" says St. Francis.

You fill the universe and all shout your wonders. Yours is this sky filled with sun! Every good and beautiful thing from You proceeds...

Lord, You are love for all humankind and truth.

I read in Agostino Meridier "we need to renew on the altar all that is offered to us". And more, "God is in the deep of our heart". You teach inner wisdom: teach me, Lord.

Purifying worth of prayer: it is an anchor among the waves and a rainbow after a thunderstorm.

Worth of sorrow: without Calvary nothing is possible. If the seed doesn't die, it can't bear fruit. It is God, Who makes our sacrifice worthy, we need to believe like Abraham.

Faith is a pinnacle that has domain over everything.

Jesus is still waiting for you; be sure: it is love for all mankind that He is asking of you.

Holy Spirit, sweet Counselor and Enlightenment, reigning forever.

How divine poverty is! One can be poor even among the greatest wealth. St. Elizabeth was a princess.

The Saints are a constant revelation of God. It is like reading about Him in their lives.

You left your imprint on everything, o Creator. If I take your colours, You shout: red is Your love, which You love mankind with - blue like your sky, it is the peace You give to Your Saints - green is for hope, the hope to be with You - white, the white of the Madonna is purity, chastity, humility - only black is for us, humans, mourning in this valley of tears.

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