These "thoughts" are from the last two years of her life, and they were written under obedience. They are short meditations, written by a very tired hand, even if, especially in the last pages, the reader can have the feeling of standing before a waterfall of thoughts and of spiritual light. In the original journals (written in a common diary) all her writings bear the exact date and the Saint of the day or the Feast day.  


God is everywhere and sees everything.

You have come before me, Lord, and I have to love You a lot. You know what and how I fail, o divine Light, forgive. I am a sinner: have mercy.

Thank you, Lord, for children: how beautiful it is to look at innocence. I open the Weekday Missal and I read: "we can only glory in the Cross of our Lord". And it means only in sorrow, because "this is ours" says St. Francis.

You fill the universe and all shout your wonders. Yours is this sky filled with sun! Every good and beautiful thing from You proceeds...

Lord, You are love for all humankind and truth.

I read in Agostino Meridier "we need to renew on the altar all that is offered to us". And more, "God is in the deep of our heart". You teach inner wisdom: teach me, Lord.

Purifying worth of prayer: it is an anchor among the waves and a rainbow after a thunderstorm.

Worth of sorrow: without Calvary nothing is possible. If the seed doesn't die, it can't bear fruit. It is God, Who makes our sacrifice worthy, we need to believe like Abraham.

Faith is a pinnacle that has domain over everything.

Jesus is still waiting for you; be sure: it is love for all mankind that He is asking of you.

Holy Spirit, sweet Counselor and Enlightenment, reigning forever.

How divine poverty is! One can be poor even among the greatest wealth. St. Elizabeth was a princess.

The Saints are a constant revelation of God. It is like reading about Him in their lives.

You left your imprint on everything, o Creator. If I take your colours, You shout: red is Your love, which You love mankind with - blue like your sky, it is the peace You give to Your Saints - green is for hope, the hope to be with You - white, the white of the Madonna is purity, chastity, humility - only black is for us, humans, mourning in this valley of tears.

Creation is all a shout of glory to You: "How Your glory touches the sky" reads a Psalm.

Your peace is a great gift, like humility, and You alone can give it: if the Lord doesn't build the house, the builders work in vain.

Jesus, give this living water and your bread to all humanity.

Humility is the most hidden of virtues: the sweetest one. Mother of every humility is Mary.

You are the light, Lord, that enlightens everything: You are brilliance.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, seat of divine Love.

Lord God, King of true glory, Eternal gift!

Where did I read that God moves the world by love?

You open Your hand and give what is needed.

"That I may look for You, O Lord, in Praise" says St. Augustine.

Holy God, what wonders You create on earth!

Queen of heaven, "Pure Virgin".

Pope Celestino VI says that "everything aims towards heaven because everything came down from heaven".

Your grace enters the soul like a ray of light.

Nazareth sanctified manual work.

"God's bounty reaches the clouds", reads a Psalm.

The Holy Cross has been lifted to heaven for all of us.

Like the Madonna is the Queen of Heaven, in the same way the Church is the queen of earth.

Your peace waters the heart.

The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Angels, true staircase to Heaven.

The Love of God makes everything easier.

The life of Jesus reproduces itself in us.

Lord, You are Mercy!

The Angels are divine help.

Any work has a meaning, if it is done for Him.

The Holy Communion is our sun-ray.

Christ gives love only for sorrow.

All roads lead to Calvary.

"God allows all, so that we may be sanctified", says S. Catherine of Siena.

The cross is the meaning of everything.

The Holy Spirit is like a life-giving breeze.

God sends sorrow to us, like rain after the drought.

The Madonna is crystal purity.

God's hand is our shield.

God sends Angels to us to inspire us.

The Apostles are God's fortress.

The cross conquers everything.

The Holy Spirit sanctifies everything.

Divine peace is the rainbow of the heart.

The martyrs get their strenght only from God.

God is generous in the measure in which we believe.

The Divine Providence is our help in each moment.

Grace is Holy Spirit.

The earth is full of God's grace.

God is light enlightning every darkness.

Providence takes care of everything.

Peace and joy are God's gifts.

God is God of Peace.

Peace is fruit of God's will.

God is goodness and unity.

The Virgin Mary is pure like crystal.

God is rain for the dry soul.

The Divine Providence thinks of everything: of everything it takes care.

The Virgin is our heavenly advocate.

God is immense bounty.

Patience is anticipated peace.

God keeps vigil on the steps of mankind like a mother does on her child's.

If the seed doesn't fall to the ground and dies, it doesn't bear fruit, it doen't give birth to any tree.

Obedience is to be submissive to the divine law.

Serenity is possible only through the cross.

Only with God's help it is possible to overcome temptation.

God is the administrator of our life.

Peace is God's love.

Mary is a flower of purity.

God is charity and who remains in charity remains in Him.

The Holy Rosary is the safest haven.

God is providence for all mankind.

Virtue comes to perfection through sorrows.

The only suffering of the soul is to do its own will and not God's will.

Charity is the divine place that strenghtens the soul.

Mankind is restless and God leads it.

All things are at God's service.

God helps the one who helps oneself.

God's strength is like a sea tempest that overcomes every obstacle.

To everybody Christ gives part of His sorrows.

After the tempest, our merciful God grants peace.

The Church is God among us.

Divine decisions, even if they may seem tough, are for our good.

Our neighbour is Christ wishing to be helped by us.

God desires that all mankind may come to know the truth and may come to salvation.

Forgiveness is God's most sublime gift: out of love for Him we are called to forgive even those who are hurting us.

Humility and simplicity are the staircase leading us to God.

God's love sanctifies everything.

Christ made Himself small so that we may find Him.

You are endlessly good.

The Almighty is patient, yet rewarding.

God doesn't respond anything to those who ask with curiosity.

Love is the food that fertilizes every ground.

God made wonders and set them to the service of mankind.

The Cross overshadows everything.

Without Jesus, there is only darkness.

Humility is the gate to enter heaven.

Grace is the hand of God helping us.

God's mercy is an abyss.

Simplicity is annulling myself before God and awaiting for everything from Him.

Love overcomes all obstacles.

Our Almighty God is the most perfect of all beauties.

Obedience is the fear that leads the boat to a safe haven.

Joy is a heavenly help in this valley of tears.

Peace is God in our heart.

God is light that enlightens every darkness.

True wisdom is the main street leading us to God.

Sins are the clouds of the soul: they darken the sun, they darken God.

God is the light of the heart.

God's mercy is the greatest in the universe: it never ends.

The dead have preceeded us in peace.

Peace is an infinite gift that God gives at a high cost.

God's glory reflects a little in His works like the sun reflects in the water.

Patience is being able to wait for divine decisions.

Simplicity is humility in spirit.

God will gather goodness also from our evil.

Charity is loving God and others.

Hope is waiting for God's help.

Creation is a divine book.

The greatest mortification is charity.

Hope is knowing God.

Docility is letting God enter our soul.

Charity is annulling oneself in God.

Simplicity is serving and seeking to please God alone.

Patience is hoping in God's help.

God is patient: He is waiting for us our lifelong.

Fidelity is converting ourselves to God our lifelong.

Life is serving God.

Serenity and simplicity are gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Faith is harmony between God and His creature.

Faith is struggle and perseverance.

Hope is God's light in the darkness.

Eternity is peace of God's soul.

True joy is the Holy Spirit in us.

Happiness is surpassing oneself to find peace in God.

The Madonna is the main fount of each virtue: She is the source of purity.

Paradise is the heaven of peace prepared by God after the tempests in this life.

God loves the little ones because they most feel His greatness.

The Holy Spirit is the light of the soul.

Patience is the weapon by which Christ has overcome the darkness.

Lowness is the veil behind which Jesus has hidden Himself from the eyes of the world.

Patience is surrender to the cross until God's coming.

Peace is the price God is giving to the soul's serenity.

The soul far from God is orphan and alone.

God is fullness of all life.

Patience is bearing what God commands.

Peace is the soul's rest in God.

God's wisdom is so profound that turns everything to its own good.

God's peace is infinite.

God has many ways to test us.

Obedience gives us humility. The truth enlightens us.

All things are a reflection of Him Who created them: like puddles reflect heaven.

God is order, but in freedom.

Charity is near-sighted, it seeks close at hand.


Surrender to His will brings peace.

Hope is blind trust in Him.

No fear exists: it is a fantasy of the devil.

Mercy is giving God due honor.

God is the author of every good thing.

The name of Jesus is almighty.

We need to trust in God blindly.

Perseverance is the evidence of God's fidelity.

To admire Jesus' life means to imitate it.

Silence is the way leading us to God.

In God's hands also the most insignificant things can become our comet.

Hope is the divine remedy for every human sorrow.

The Holy Virgin is mercifully bending down towards every human pain.

Faith is our last haven where God is waiting for us.

Faith is persevering in our route.

Sorrow is throwing us into the arms of God.

We need to have faith in God's help if we wish to obtain it.

The Lord's mercy overcomes every expectation. Like the sun dissolves the fog, in the same way God dissolves the darkness of the soul.

Purity is freshness of the soul: the purest we are the more we are pleasing to God.

True perseverance remains untouched through all tribulations.

Martyrdom is the highest test of God's love.

Humility is recognizing God over us.

Without charity, nothing has worth.

We need to be patient: God knows when it is time to help us.

Wisdom is seeing human things under divine light.

We need to have faith: as there are storms in nature, even so there are storms in the soul.

Penance is the means that God is giving us to expiate our sins on earth.

Humility is the foundation of every divine work.

Perseverance is the best security before God.

Work sanctifies life.

Serenity is the soul's peace with God and with mankind.

Peace is like the light accompanying the rising of the sun, in the same way peace accompanies the coming of God's kingdom.

Suffering is the penance purifying us from sin.

Patience is waiting for God to decide for us.

Peace is the prize that God gives to crown the struggle with evil.

Lord give to all what we are in need of.

The divine mercy is endless: God is father.

Charity is death to any kind of pride.

Purity is a reflection of the Virgin.

Humility is looking to God and recognizing our own nothingness.

The Gospel doesn't have hidden meanings: it is simple and humble like Jesus: from this we know that it is holy.

Meakness is bending ourselves to God in others.

Prudence is not to tempt God.

Mercy with others is the only way for us to get mercy from God.

Forgetting God is despising the divine law.

Faith is the greatest medicine God has ever given.

Poverty leads to humility.

Obstacles are allowed by God to try us.

Patience is strength to wait.

Humility is modesty of our gifts; nothing is ours, all we have received from God.

God is truth and "the one, who is for the truth, listens to his voice".

Every creature has what it needs: God is there for all.

We tempt God, when we go to battle against enemies stronger than we are.

The evil we do against our will, we do it as a punishment from God.

To love God is accepting His will.

Patience together with prayer win all obstacles.

Charity is patience with others.

The beauty of each creature mirrors the Creator.

Exposing oneself to danger to test the divine bounty is tempting God.

We need to give God to others.

Penance makes us stronger against the enemy.

To follow God we need to leave everything like the sons of Zebedee.

Prayer is the breath of the soul.

With God we must close our eyes to others' evil to open them to our own.

Peace is abandoning oneself in the hands of God.

Humility is recognizing our own mistakes.

Charity is bearing and loving our own enemies as children of God.

The Lord never abandons.

Tribulations are the trials .

Money is the means that the devil is using to divide creatures.

The Father established that every victory has to go through the cross of the Son.

The one who sows in tears will reap singing.

To each is sufficient one's own sorrow.

We need God's word like plants need light.

We fall under the weight of our daily cross.

Those who trust in the Lord will not be confounded.

Pride generates arrogance.

The earth is so full of sins that it stands only by God's mercy.

Surrender is accepting God's plan on us.

We all are part of the mystical body of Christ.

Surrender is obedience to the divine will.

Providence turns all into goodness.

The spirit and the flesh are fighting in humans.

God is among humankind.

Habit is a double-bladed weapon: God uses it to lift us up from the cross and His enemies use it to make us unpleasant.

Sacrifice united to the cross of the Lord is the only flower that bears fruit.

Giving mercy is the way to get mercy from God.

The strength to endure pain comes from the Lord.

Work is punishment and expiation of the original sin.

Peace is a gift from Heaven.

Courage is the strength we need to repel the evil that is coming closer.

Peace is the rest of the soul in God.

Fear is the weapon of the devil.

Love is the light coming from Heaven.

Sorrow gives birth to charity.

Charity is bending ourselves on the sorrows of our brothers out of love of God.

Silence is the means by which God is speaking to the soul.

Peace is the rest of the soul and of the body.

Forgiveness is a heavenly gift, we can't get to it with our human strength.

Hope is foreseeing goodness, and not having it yet.

Everything is possible to those who believe.

Sorrow makes us feel as God's children and Christ's brothers.

We are enlightened by the Truth according to our good or bad will.

Joy comes from knowing God and the way to know Him.

God wants all of us to be like children.

Sorrow makes us look for Heaven's help: because every pain is the holy cross of Jesus.

Surrender is accepting the will of God.

Amici di Benedetta

Noi non sappiamo fare nulla da soli, ci dobbiamo tenere a catena, e Lui non ci perderà d’occhio.



Benedetta Bianchi Porro ha vissuto la presenza consolatrice  del Signore in una situazione umanamente insostenibile e ha dato in modo credibile conforto e  speranza  a tante persone segnate dalle preoccupazioni e dalle malattie del corpo e dell’anima. Ha fatto questo come amica donatrice di una gioia liberante che solo il Signore può dare.

Chi ha provato questa gioia nell’incontro con lei l’ha spontaneamente comunicata ad altri.  Molte persone  si sono conosciute e riconosciute così nel segno di Benedetta. Sono nate così vere amicizie  con l’esigenza di mantenere e di diffondere a tutti la gioia provata.

Con questo spirito,  e con la sua personale testimonianza di vita, Anna Cappelli ha fatto conoscere Benedetta in tutto il mondo.

Abbiamo trovato la migliore definizione di quest’amicizia in quello Statuto del 1976 dell’”Associazione Amici di Benedetta”, quando, prima di parlare delle attività associative, che ci sono anche oggi, si indicavano queste finalità:

« vivere il dono dell' amicizia in Cristo come soprannaturale ricchezza e come “ineffabile legame” che unisce nel nome di Benedetta ».

Adesso l’articolazione organizzativa è costituita dall’”Associazione per Benedetta Bianchi Porro” onlus, presieduta da Daniela Ronconi, e dalla “Fondazione Benedetta Bianchi Porro”, presieduta da Mons. Pietro Fabbri.

L’”Associazione per Benedetta Bianchi Porro” onlus  ha le seguenti finalità:

« -  opera, in attività di volontariato, principalmente a favore di soggetti terzi, laici e religiosi,in specie giovani, famiglie e ammalati, sia in Italia che all’estero, al fine di dare una risposta concreta ai bisogni di assistenza morale, spirituale ed educativa, attraverso l’erogazione di servizi.

- in particolare, per la realizzazione dello scopo prefisso e nell’intento di agire in favore di tutta la collettività, l’Associazione si propone, a titolo esemplificativo e non esaustivo, di svolgere, in attività di volontariato ed a vantaggio della comunità, in maniera autonoma, o in collaborazione con altre associazioni, enti e soggetti privati aventi finalità simili e che condividano gli scopi e le finalità dell’Associazione, le seguenti attività:

- Promuovere, organizzare e gestire direttamente una rete di servizi di assistenza morale, spirituale ed educativa, anche attraverso l’attivazione di centri di aiuto, ascolto e catechesi, ispirati al messaggio di fede di Benedetta Bianchi Porro;

- attivare una rete di informazione, collegamento e coordinamento sulle tematiche di disagio morale, spirituale ed educativo trattate dall’associazione, anche attraverso la divulgazione e l’approfondimento degli scritti della Venerabile Benedetta Bianchi Porro;

- promuovere e gestire giornate di ritiro spirituale per giovani e adulti;

- promuovere e organizzare conferenze, incontri, dibattiti ed eventi in genere,

che favoriscano la diffusione e la miglior conoscenza del messaggio e delle opere della Venerabile Benedetta Bianchi Porro;

- altre attività solidaristiche e di beneficenza che realizzano iniziative inerenti lo scopo istituzionale;

- in via del tutto strumentale alle attività principali che realizzano gli scopi dell’associazione, promuovere, approfondire, studiare e prendersi cura degli scritti della Venerabile Benedetta Bianchi Porro a tutela del loro alto valore teologico, spirituale ed educativo curandone le diverse pubblicazioni; accompagnare la causa di beatificazione della Venerabile; provvedere alla custodia del Monumento Sepolcrale della Venerabile nell’Abbazia di Dovadola.»


L’Ente di religione “Fondazione Benedetta Bianchi Porro”, istituita con decreto vescovile dell’08.12.1986 e con sede in Vescovado, Piazza Dante 1, 47100 Forlì, ha come scopo:

a)      «la valorizzazione del messaggio di fede di Benedetta Bianchi Porro dato con una vita esemplarmente cristiana e con scritti di alta spiritualità, per una catechesi rivolta specialmente ai giovani, agli ammalati e a chi non riesce a trovare un senso religioso alla sua vita;

b)      lo studio e l’approfondimento degli scritti di Benedetta;

c)      la diffusione della sua conoscenza, con la promozione e il sostegno di tutte le iniziative atte a questo scopo: stampa, conferenze, pellegrinaggi, manifestazioni religiose ad altre attività volte allo scopo anzidetto in collegamento con Enti ed Istituzioni Pubbliche e Private;

d)      la promozione di giornate di ritiro spirituale per giovani e adulti dei diversi movimenti, gruppi, associazioni ecclesiali, ammalati;

e)      la prosecuzione della causa di beatificazione di Benedetta;

f)        la custodia del suo monumento sepolcrale nell’Abbazia di Dovadola, la celebrazione con Sante Messe dell’anniversario della sua nascita e della sua morte, la gestione del museo sito in Dovadola e di tutte le altre proprietà mobiliari ed immobiliari inventariate in data 1/10/06».


Oltre a questi due enti troviamo numerosi gruppi di Amici, formalmente associati, oppure spontaneamente raggruppati, a Forlì, a Dovadola, a Sirmione, a Cesena, a Pieve Torina, a Ostuni e in altre località, ed anche singole persone, sane o ammalate, unite nella preghiera, nell’amore e nella testimonianza, avendo in Benedetta un importante punto di riferimento spirituale. È questo l’universo degli Amici di Benedetta.

Numerosi incontri o iniziative sono promosse o sostenute dall’”Associazione per Benedetta Bianchi Porro”, dalla “Fondazione” o dai gruppi di Amici.  Ne dà puntuale informazione il periodico  “l’annuncio”.

Tutti i lunedì alle ore 21 viene recitato alla Badia di Dovadola il Santo Rosario con Benedetta attorno al sarcofago o nella stanza di Benedetta. Tutti si possono spiritualmente associare a questa preghiera per gli Amici e per tutti coloro che vogliano affidare a Benedetta la loro invocazione.


Stare insieme nel suo nome vuol dire che essere “Amici” è anche essere discepoli di Benedetta, e cioè vedere nel Signore che lei ci mostra, il punto di riferimento fondamentale, la luce che illumina e riscalda nel cammino della vita. In questa luce sussiste e cresce l’amicizia.

Strutture ricettive

Informazioni generali

Vi sono due case nei luoghi di Dovadola in cui è sepolta Benedetta che possono ospitare gruppi o convegni. Le case si chiamano  "Casa di Marzano" e “Hotel Rosa Bianca” da Moreno.


Casa di Marzano

Casa adatta a gruppi giovanili con grande piazzale e con immenso parco adatto a giochi o per passeggiate.
Il luogo è anche adatto ad ospitare gruppi scout che vi soggiornano con tende.
Il luogo si raggiunge da Dovadola tramite una strada percorribile in macchina (non in pullman) o a piedi (30 minuti).

La casa è dotata di:

  • 6 camere di varia grandezza con 25 posti letto (alcuni dei quali a castello)
  • docce e bagni
  • ampia cucina
  • ampio salone
  • cappella che può essere adibita anche a sala (ad es. lettura, conferenze..)

Modalità di gestione: casa autogestita

Prezzo per tutta la casa: 200€ al giorno (+ 50€ per il riscaldamento)

Per prenotazioni fare riferimento a:
Domenico Bassi (ore serali) - 0543.960414

Per informazioni contattare:
Don Alfeo Costa -- tel. 0543.934676  cell. 3348341745
Parrocchia Sant' Andrea - Via Benedetta Bianchi Porro, 6
47013 Dovadola, FC




Hotel Ristorante "Rosa Bianca" da Moreno

Località Giuseppa
47012 Dovadola (FC)

Gli interessati possono rivolgersi al gestore Moreno Pretolani.

Tel. +39 349 8601818  e  +39 0543 933344
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Benedetta con i bambini

Parlare di lei può essere bello e coinvolgente.

Grazie al gruppo degli Amici di Benedetta di Ascoli, mettiamo disposizione due sussidi per raccontare la sua storia ai bambini o per animarli nella realizzazione di un recital. Per accedere ai due sussidi vai nella sezione 'Parlano di lei - I bambini".

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