The meeting with Benedetta can’t leave anybody indifferent: those who discover in the hard journey of her life an encouraging word and a message of friendship and joy, have often the desire to communicate to others how they have been touched. Such a communication is done according to the feelings and talents of each, through words, writings, photographs. Therefore we don’t need to be amazed to know that many artists have portraited Benedetta, many others have dedicated their works to her name or even others have donated them to those who are supporting her cause, so that she may be known everywhere. This is why there is such an extraordinary expressive communication both by the greatest contemporary artists and by the little children of a grade school in Lugo, Romagna: all of them, great and small, have the same desire to share with others the gift of meeting with Benedetta. Enclosed are some images of such masterpieces. The original ones are displayed in Dovadola, at the seat of the Foundation Benedetta Bianchi Porro, and in the Abbey of St. Andrew.


Pietro Annigoni

Portrait of Benedetta


"it is good to know that a humancreature, who is stripped of all, can give so much" (Annigoni)


Mattino Resurrezione dorata  Messina.jpg

     Francesco Messina

         The Morning of Resurrection


B Berti.jpg

          Antonio Berti




B Tommasi statua 1979-1980.jpg 


      Marcello Tommasi

      Benedetta (1979- 1980)



Ernesto Treccani.jpg

Ernesto Treccani



Crocefissione Pericle Fazzini.jpg

      Pericle Fazzini

      Crucifixion, 1981 


B Carmelitana Savona miniatura.jpg

      Carmelite Nun from Savona

     Miniature of Benedetta




      Angelo Biancini

      Sarcophagus of Benedetta 


      Angelo Ranzi





Madonna della gioia  Bagnulo.jpg

      Francesco Bagnulo

      The Madonna of joy


Crocifissione Lino Battistini.jpg

      Lino Battistini




Madonna1 Primo Conti.jpg

      Primo Conti



Maternità Pelati.jpg

      Vittorio Pelati



 Madonna Irene Giampietro.jpg

      Irene Giampietro



B Carmelitana Savona miniatura.jpg

      Franco Vignazia


      “While they were cutting my hair, I felt like a lamb in the hands of the shearer and I prayed that the Lord would make me strong and small. I suffered so much and I asked the Lord to make of me a little sheep in his hands” (Benedetta) from “The story of Benedetta” by Laura Vestrucci, Illustrations by Franco Vignazia, Friends of Benedetta, Forli, pg. 42



B Franca Mettica.jpg

Franca Mettica


"Sometimes I find myself on the ground, while I am on the way under the weight of a heavy cross. Then I call to Him with love, I am at His feet and He allows me to rest my head on His lap. Do you understand, Maria Grazia? Do you know the tenderness of these moments?” (Benedetta)


B offre i fiori  Alessandro Cavedo.jpg

Alessandro Cavedo (4th grader in Lugo, 1984)


"And to God I offer all the flowers in the world, that are blooming under his sun” (Benedetta)



      Roberta Bössmann


       "Silence is the way that leads to God" (Benedetta).

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