A difficult serenity reflects itself in the letters to her friends, letters that Benedetta dictates to her mom :
To Franci: "...In the sadness of my deafness, and in the darkness of my solitude, I have willingly tried to be serene to let my sorrow bloom; and I willingly and humbly try to be as He wants me to be: very very small, as I truly feel when I succeed in seeing His endless greatness in the dark night of my hard and difficult days".

In the meanwhile, with the coming of the summer, Benedetta is transported to Lourdes for her second and last pilgrimage: "...I am going to draw strength from our heavenly Mother, because I can't get used as I wish to live happily in the dark, awaiting for a light brighter and warmer than the sun". The miracle of Lourdes, is the discovery of her true vocation to the cross: "...and I have realized, more than ever, the riches of my state and I want nothing else but keep it. That was the miracle of Lourdes for me this year".

She had willingly changed from "doing" to "being". Closed in a "mortal wilderness", Benedetta sang the joys of living and never stopped thanking God for the wonderful gift of life. For her, to die was to live. Repeatedly she would utter these phrases and others similar to them: "I know that we must die in order to help others to live"; - "If the grain that falls on the ground doesn't die it will not give bread and peace" - "The resurrection flows from death. It is the Paschal mystery" - "I think that everything is like spring that blossoms, blooms again and smells fragrant after the winter frost"

From Benedetta's own words we can understand how she arrived at the beautiful concept she had of life. "I am happy because I understand that without the shedding of blood there will be no remission". - "The cross in the sign of God in man". - "Life has only one face - LOVE".

"When we 'hunger and thirst' for God, we 'hunger and thirst' for others". - "God gives us His spiritual bread through others. I have experienced it. And others nourish themselves with the Living Bread".

She became "a small empty tent for the repose of her Lord". For her life is "anticipation"; death, "the most sweet call"; encounter, her "feast".

Closed in a desert with no borders, Benedetta sings the joy of living and endlessly thanks God for the most wonderful gift of life. She often repeats this African song:

   At times I feel like a child without mom
   at times I feel like an eagle in the air.
   One luminous and nice morning
   I will lay down my burden, I will open my wings and I will fly,
   you can bury me in the east
   you can bury me in the west
   but that morning
   angels will open their great wings
   and I will hear the holy trumpets sound.

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