Then the last summer came. The voice of the lake, the splendor and the smell of the flowers are now only the echo of a dream. In the landscape of darkness, Benedetta looks for her God: "...the days are going by, awaiting for Him Whom I love in the air, in the sun that I can't see any more, and yet I can still feel in its warmth when it is entering through my window to warm my hands, in the rain that is coming down from heaven to clean the earth..."

On 1st November '63 her friend Giuliana, coming back from the procession to the cemetery, feels the urge to visit Benedetta, who, as soon as is aware of her friend's presence, is showing herself very anxious to tell her: "I need to tell you something important:...I entered in a cemetery in Romagna, there was only one open tomb, enlightened by a light so bright, that I couldn't keep my eyes open and in the middle of this light I saw a white rose. What do you think?" Giuliana was hesitating to respond and Benedetta adds: "Please do not talk about this with anybody." These words are heard also by her young sister Carmen, without Benedetta knowing about her presence.

Her last Christmas is coming closer, "and Benedetta was telling us to pray because that night, peace could descend upon the world. And she also told us that she asked the Lord for a great grace: she asked Him to let her be born to a new life with Him on that holy night. I brought her a crucifix. Benedetta touched it and said - I, too, like Him, but always in joy" (from Giuliana's testimony)

Since some time Benedetta has been preparing herself for her mystical Christmas: " Now I am walking on the road that leads to Betlehem: to the stable where the Baby is born, mystery of love and of sorrow."

At the end of the year her parents drive her to Milan, it is her last goodbye to her friends who are waiting for her: " It looks like I am desired and wished for: how funny this is, Maria Grazia!" (Benedetta 20 days before her death)

The reality of this advent, of the birth of Christ in her, was anticipated in her letter to father Gabriele on July '63: "In my trails I recommend myself to the Mother, who has lived more difficult and harder trials, so that she may move me and may give birth in my heart to her son so true and alive as He was for Her".

On New Year's day Benedetta has to leave Milan: in Sirmione she finds Roberto's telegram. Her mom, as usual, "transmits" this to her through her hand: "Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor. Exultemus - The love of Christ makes us one. Let us rejoice". These words give her much joy and she tells to her mom: "...Read slowly, mom, my joy is too great, it is the Church speaking to me."

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