Creation is all a shout of glory to You: "How Your glory touches the sky" reads a Psalm.

Your peace is a great gift, like humility, and You alone can give it: if the Lord doesn't build the house, the builders work in vain.

Jesus, give this living water and your bread to all humanity.

Humility is the most hidden of virtues: the sweetest one. Mother of every humility is Mary.

You are the light, Lord, that enlightens everything: You are brilliance.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, seat of divine Love.

Lord God, King of true glory, Eternal gift!

Where did I read that God moves the world by love?

You open Your hand and give what is needed.

"That I may look for You, O Lord, in Praise" says St. Augustine.

Holy God, what wonders You create on earth!

Queen of heaven, "Pure Virgin".

Pope Celestino VI says that "everything aims towards heaven because everything came down from heaven".

Your grace enters the soul like a ray of light.

Nazareth sanctified manual work.

"God's bounty reaches the clouds", reads a Psalm.

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