We need to have faith in God's help if we wish to obtain it.

The Lord's mercy overcomes every expectation. Like the sun dissolves the fog, in the same way God dissolves the darkness of the soul.

Purity is freshness of the soul: the purest we are the more we are pleasing to God.

True perseverance remains untouched through all tribulations.

Martyrdom is the highest test of God's love.

Humility is recognizing God over us.

Without charity, nothing has worth.

We need to be patient: God knows when it is time to help us.

Wisdom is seeing human things under divine light.

We need to have faith: as there are storms in nature, even so there are storms in the soul.

Penance is the means that God is giving us to expiate our sins on earth.

Humility is the foundation of every divine work.

Perseverance is the best security before God.

Work sanctifies life.

Serenity is the soul's peace with God and with mankind.

Peace is like the light accompanying the rising of the sun, in the same way peace accompanies the coming of God's kingdom.

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