Suffering is the penance purifying us from sin.

Patience is waiting for God to decide for us.

Peace is the prize that God gives to crown the struggle with evil.

Lord give to all what we are in need of.

The divine mercy is endless: God is father.

Charity is death to any kind of pride.

Purity is a reflection of the Virgin.

Humility is looking to God and recognizing our own nothingness.

The Gospel doesn't have hidden meanings: it is simple and humble like Jesus: from this we know that it is holy.

Meakness is bending ourselves to God in others.

Prudence is not to tempt God.

Mercy with others is the only way for us to get mercy from God.

Forgetting God is despising the divine law.

Faith is the greatest medicine God has ever given.

Poverty leads to humility.

Obstacles are allowed by God to try us.

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