Patience is strength to wait.

Humility is modesty of our gifts; nothing is ours, all we have received from God.

God is truth and "the one, who is for the truth, listens to his voice".

Every creature has what it needs: God is there for all.

We tempt God, when we go to battle against enemies stronger than we are.

The evil we do against our will, we do it as a punishment from God.

To love God is accepting His will.

Patience together with prayer win all obstacles.

Charity is patience with others.

The beauty of each creature mirrors the Creator.

Exposing oneself to danger to test the divine bounty is tempting God.

We need to give God to others.

Penance makes us stronger against the enemy.

To follow God we need to leave everything like the sons of Zebedee.

Prayer is the breath of the soul.

With God we must close our eyes to others' evil to open them to our own.

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