Surrender is obedience to the divine will.

Providence turns all into goodness.

The spirit and the flesh are fighting in humans.

God is among humankind.

Habit is a double-bladed weapon: God uses it to lift us up from the cross and His enemies use it to make us unpleasant.

Sacrifice united to the cross of the Lord is the only flower that bears fruit.

Giving mercy is the way to get mercy from God.

The strength to endure pain comes from the Lord.

Work is punishment and expiation of the original sin.

Peace is a gift from Heaven.

Courage is the strength we need to repel the evil that is coming closer.

Peace is the rest of the soul in God.

Fear is the weapon of the devil.

Love is the light coming from Heaven.

Sorrow gives birth to charity.

Charity is bending ourselves on the sorrows of our brothers out of love of God.

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