God desires that all mankind may come to know the truth and may come to salvation.

Forgiveness is God's most sublime gift: out of love for Him we are called to forgive even those who are hurting us.

Humility and simplicity are the staircase leading us to God.

God's love sanctifies everything.

Christ made Himself small so that we may find Him.

You are endlessly good.

The Almighty is patient, yet rewarding.

God doesn't respond anything to those who ask with curiosity.

Love is the food that fertilizes every ground.

God made wonders and set them to the service of mankind.

The Cross overshadows everything.

Without Jesus, there is only darkness.

Humility is the gate to enter heaven.

Grace is the hand of God helping us.

God's mercy is an abyss.

Simplicity is annulling myself before God and awaiting for everything from Him.

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