Love overcomes all obstacles.

Our Almighty God is the most perfect of all beauties.

Obedience is the fear that leads the boat to a safe haven.

Joy is a heavenly help in this valley of tears.

Peace is God in our heart.

God is light that enlightens every darkness.

True wisdom is the main street leading us to God.

Sins are the clouds of the soul: they darken the sun, they darken God.

God is the light of the heart.

God's mercy is the greatest in the universe: it never ends.

The dead have preceeded us in peace.

Peace is an infinite gift that God gives at a high cost.

God's glory reflects a little in His works like the sun reflects in the water.

Patience is being able to wait for divine decisions.

Simplicity is humility in spirit.

God will gather goodness also from our evil.

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