Eternity is peace of God's soul.

True joy is the Holy Spirit in us.

Happiness is surpassing oneself to find peace in God.

The Madonna is the main fount of each virtue: She is the source of purity.

Paradise is the heaven of peace prepared by God after the tempests in this life.

God loves the little ones because they most feel His greatness.

The Holy Spirit is the light of the soul.

Patience is the weapon by which Christ has overcome the darkness.

Lowness is the veil behind which Jesus has hidden Himself from the eyes of the world.

Patience is surrender to the cross until God's coming.

Peace is the price God is giving to the soul's serenity.

The soul far from God is orphan and alone.

God is fullness of all life.

Patience is bearing what God commands.

Peace is the soul's rest in God.

God's wisdom is so profound that turns everything to its own good.

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